Welcome to PeMento

We’re Putting the “You” Back in “Your Career.”

Hi, it’s your colleagues who are trying something new with this program.

We don’t have it all figured out– but when we connected last year and swapped stories, we became aware that many of our challenges were one and the same. We’ve faced professional rejections that seemed to be based on our relative age rather than our skills and experience. We’ve struggled with “managing up” from the middle of our organizations. We’ve attempted to balance our professional and personal lives to avoid the pitfalls of vocational awe and hustle culture. And what we needed from professional library development was not being offered. 

Our initial discussion reminded us how good to connect with someone in the same phase of career, facing the same set of obstacles to advancement and goal-setting.  What if we were the ones we had been waiting for? By the end of our conversation, the idea for PeMento, A Peer Mentoring Cohort for Midcareer Library Workers, was already starting to take shape.

PeMento is designed to create the space for individual reflective practice and facilitated networking that recenters midcareer library workers in their own careers. Through a light matchmaking process, we will create cohort groups for you based on your affinities. Over the course of our X-week pilot program, you’ll be given the time and tools to get clear on what you want for your career. It may not work perfectly, but we think it will be worth it, and regardless it’s free.

We are not about your organization; we are about you. We’re so glad you’re here.

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Stay spicy.